Day 4 – The Masked (little) Man

Lucas again made some great progress today. This morning he went from two phototherapy lights to just one since his bilirubin (jaundice) levels are getting better. More importantly, they again lowered the settings on his ventilator. The machine is now allowing him to take some breaths fully unassisted. This will allow him to develop those breathing muscles to prepare for breathing again on his own. He is also now without supplemental oxygen. We are hopeful that in another two or three days he will be off the ventilator completely. A couple of other quick updates:

  • He is now wearing mittens because he had fun scaring mom and dad last night by pulling on his feeding tube. His tube is something that needs to not be messed with for a few weeks as the sutures in his esophagus heal.
  • He now is without an arterial line. This line was similar to an IV line, but was in an artery instead of a vein. It directly measured his blood pressure with every single beat of his heart. Pretty amazing. They also used it to draw blood and save him some pokes. However, the line got old and was removed last night along with an old IV that was in the same right arm.
  • Later today they will again attempt to place a PICC line. They failed three times on Thursday. We are really hoping they will succeed this time since it will allow them to use that line continuously instead of making a new IV every few days and quickly running out of spots.




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