Day 5 – Extubated!

Milestone #1 compete! So just a few hours after that last post, Lucas said goodbye to his ventilator. It was pretty intense. I’m pretty sure Jill and I were holding our breath as Lucas began to breathe on his own for the first time post-surgery. And he loved it! He immediately seemed a lot more comfortable and his respiration rate and oxygen saturation never skipped a beat. It couldn’t have gone better.

One of the big concerns when removing the ventilator was keeping his feeding tube in place. Since his feeding tube goes down his esophagus past his surgical repair, it was very important that it not be disturbed. The issue, naturally, was that the ventilator and feeding tube initially share the same pathway. So, the nurses secured his feeding tube tightly before removing Lucas from the ventilator. Our primary nurse asked the docs what she should do if the feeding tube came out accidentally during extubation, to which the doc responded, “just don’t let it come out.” So, yes, Jill and I held our breath as we watched Lucas begin to breath, but the nurses here at St Josephs again demonstrated their exceptional skill in neonatal care and the process went flawlessly. And we are ecstatic!



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