Day 5 – Bundle of Joy

Another great day for Lucas! This morning they took him off the phototherapy for Jaundice because the numbers were looking better. He might go back on it later, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. The bigger news is that they again adjusted his ventilator this morning. He is down to a forced rate of only 25 breaths per minute and he is regularly breathing “above” the machine. In fact, he is currently breathing about 50 – 60 breaths per minute even though the machine will only force him to take 25. So this is great news and very promising. Moreover, the pressures and rate he is at right now are normally about where they go ahead and remove him from the ventilator. To see where he has been:

Setting Two Days Ago Today
Pressure 28 19
Oxygen 32% 21% (room air)
Respiration 60 25

Other quick notes:

  • Last night he started sucking on a pacifier. For a baby that hasn’t had a chance to practice eating in utero, this is really encouraging news.
  • Daddy got peed on for the first time. The geyser was only about an inch from my face, but did get all over my arm. I’d like to say “lesson learned,” but somehow I think that he’ll still figure out a way to get me in the future.



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