Day 5 – PICC Line Success

This morning we had a huge win when the SWAT nurse successfully put a PICC line into Lucas’s right arm. They had previously failed three times with other locations. The staff confirmed the PICC line placement via x-ray and found out that it was even in a little bit further than it should be – so they pulled it out some. The importance of establishing this line was underscored again during the night when his IV blew and they had to start a new one. As you might imagine, IVs on premies are difficult to establish and the tiny veins only support them for a few days. The PICC line is an IV catheter that goes all the way up to his heart and should last the duration of his stay. That will save the boy a lot of pokes! And because of the risks of this procedure and the consent form, we breathed a sigh of relief when it was done.

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