Day 6 – Kangaroo Care

So much for baby steps… yesterday, Lucas took huge leaps! Since St Josephs is a teaching hospital, we have both residents and neonatologists here. When the docs do their rounds, the residents will sometimes give report to the neonatologists on the state of Lucas right in front of us. It is kind of like a scene from the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. This morning, the resident said, “Well you’re not going to believe this or recognize him, but this is Lucas Cox.Yesterday, Lucas went off phototheraphy, got a central PICC line placed, had his ventilator removed, and moved from a radiant warmer to a crib. Huge leaps!”

And after making huge leaps yesterday, it is no surprise that Lucas got to experience kangaroo care today. I’m not totally sure who enjoyed it more, but Lucas seemed to love it just as much as mommy. His heart rate went down and he was just really relaxed and sleepy while still oxygenating at or near 100%. It was awesome. Of course, mommy was over the moon getting the opportunity to hold our little boy skin-to-skin. Daddy is anxiously awaiting his turn and called dibs on the next round.  🙂


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