Day 7 – Big Day Tomorrow

Lucas always likes to have big events on Wednesdays. From the day we arrived at hospital, to his first big heart rate decelerations, to his pediatric surgery – all Wednesdays. Tomorrow is no exception. Tomorrow afternoon, we will try to get Lucas to drink for the first time. Unfortunately, it will not be breast milk, but rather an x-ray florescent like barium. The docs will then, in real time, watch his little esophagus glow, see how it looks, and see how it performs.

There are two key items they will be looking for. The first is leaks. If his esophagus leaks, test is over. We do nothing, wait another full week, and try the test again. If the repair still leaks a week from now, Lucas would probably end up with a G-tube until he was much, much older. So of course, we really don’t want any leaks! The second item they’ll look for is a stricture, especially at the anastomotic site (where they did the connection). This could require dilation, but I’m not sure when they would do that type of procedure.

So big prayers for Lucas’s big Wednesday tomorrow! No leaks!


A little smile from the little boy

5 thoughts on “Day 7 – Big Day Tomorrow

  1. I love your blog, how thoughtful of you to keep everyone updated. Hopefully, it also provides you with a mean to help process everything that is going on. It must be so overwhelming, although based on what you are writing Lucas’ progress is overwhelmingly positive and only positive, no two steps forward and one back but rather leaps forward! He really is nothing short of a miracle boy:)
    I had a huge smile on my face when I read about the kangarooing or as they call it in German “bonding”- yes they use the English word for it. We also went through that with Ella. I still am absolutely amazed what an impact it has on the babies, improved oxygen saturation levels, a reduced heart rate better temperature control wow, wow, wow.
    We will continue to pray for you and especially Lucas. Best of luck with the videoesophagram tomorrow. It sounds like Lucas is receiving fantastic care, so I am sure there is no need but if you have any questions about swallowing/feeding, please let me know and I would be happy to help. I have to admit that infants aren’t my area of expertise but I am happy to read up on it. Also, Krista a friend from ASU who also is a speech therapist still lives in Phoenix. I am sure she knows some local speech therapists in neonatal care, so I am happy to contact her.
    Finally, Ian wanted me to be sure to mention that even though what we went through with Ella is nothing compared to what you are going through, we did have some rough few weeks in the beginning. She also started out on a ventilator in the NICU and looking at her now, you would never know it. Or as Ian put it “she now is running around like a little banshee”. So keep those spirits up, take everything day by day (which I am sure you are pros at by now) and don’t worry about the future, because chances are you won’t have anything to worry about in the long run.
    Many hugs, kisses and prayers from Hong Kong,

  2. I’m reading this at work and trying not to cry. What a little trooper. I’ve nicknamed him Muppet because of his little fuzzy blond hair. He is so beautiful and precious and I’m so happy that he is passing all of his milestones. I pray his test goes well today. He is a miracle. Love you all. Jody (and Frank)

  3. Hi Jill and Bryan,
    Dan and I just learned of your little miracle from Gayle last night. (Dan is Walter’s brother) So we wanted to send our best wishes for your new little guy and Mom and Dad. We are praying from Indiana for you too!
    Susan and Dan

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