Day 8 – Like a Champ

Super awesome! Dr. Graziano is really good at giving the news you want fast. This time the first thing she said to us was “Super Awesome!” His esophagus looked great and worked exactly how they wanted. No leaks. No stricture. It was the kind of news that immediately brought tears. We found out about Lucas’s esophageal atresia on Wednesday, Feburary 6th, and in the months since that day, we never really knew if Lucas would ever be able to eat. Now, we knew he could.

The doc went on to tell us that Lucas took the barium “like a champ.” She was clearly impressed by his unexpected skill. She previously had told us that they would probably need to inject the barium through his feeding tube and let the natural reflux that all TEF babies have bring the barium up to the anastomotic site for visualization. After all, Lucas never had a chance to practice drinking amniotic fluid in utero. If they needed to, the radiologist would also slowly back the barium filled feeding tube up the esophagus to get a better look. However, we told the doc that Lucas loved sucking on his pacifier, so they decided to give him a chance to just drink the barium straight from a bottle. Well, he was hungry for his first meal. In fact, he shocked us all when he not only drank the barium, but gulped it down so fast that he evidently took more than they really even needed for the test. The doctor joked that she hoped there was some nutritional value to the barium, because he got a full feedings worth.

Dr. Graziano then told us even more amazing news. In just a few short hours, they would let Lucas drink some breast milk for the time time. Our little miracle baby could finally eat.


Lucas eats for the first time

12 thoughts on “Day 8 – Like a Champ

  1. That’s wonderful news!! Go baby Lucas! Just in time for the weekend to hit the bars! 😉
    Jill has a look on her face that screams happiness ❤
    So happy for you guys!!

  2. Unbelievably relieved for both of you!! Jill you are a natural as I knew you’d be!! Big kisses to you, Bryan and Lucas. So happy for you all!!!

  3. (FROM NEW YORK) I have been following every step, ‘”PRAISE THE LORD'” for little Lucus, he is so handsome & healthy. Just wait until you get Lucas home, just the three of you alone at last…Bless these treasured moments.

  4. What an awesome God we have! You have been blessed with a truly amazing Angel! Thank you for Sharing you personal life with us. You are all in my prayers. XOXO

  5. Knew he was a fighter! Way to go Lucas!!! Keep up the good work. God Bless! So very happy for you all!!!!! Hugs and Kisses.

  6. Galileo and I are following Lucas’s story with prayers and much interest! So thrilled at how amazing God has been working in all of this thus far! Big hugs!!

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