Day 11 – Mom’s Thoughts

Bryan has done a phenomenal job creating & updating the blog! So, I better step up to the plate and make my 1st post. Here we go…Lucas is exceeding my wildest dreams! We are only 10 days out from the surgery and have accomplished all of the following:

– Chest tube removed.
– Feeding tube removed.
– Ventilator removed.
– Photo therapy removed.
– PICC line installed.
– Eating up to 40 cc’s of breast milk every 3 hours.

We received amazing news that Lucas tested negative for all syndromes and chromosomal issues. In addition, his heart, kidneys, brain, and all other organs are working perfectly. We feel so blessed that our only issue to overcome is the esophageal atresia which appears to be repaired!

Lucas has stolen our hearts! Going forward, his happiness & health comes before ours. We are going to raise him in a home with an abundance of love & happiness. We are so grateful for all of our blessings!!! Thank you for the continued prayers & support!

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