Day 12 – Snuggle Buggle

Today, we increased Lucas’s feedings to 45 cc’s every 3 hours. This is the end feeding goal. Yippee! Now we need to wait & see how his body handles the increased food. He is such a food lover! At the end of most feedings, he is still wiggling around and wanting more. This is one of the rare traits he gets from me. 🙂

I can’t resist sharing some adorable pictures from today of Lucas sleeping. These are the moments when I call him my “Snuggle Buggle”!



6 thoughts on “Day 12 – Snuggle Buggle

  1. Jill and Bryne I’m TRUELY happy for both Lucas is TRUELY a beautiful mircle and your family will cont. to stay in my prayers

  2. Lucas is so adorable! Such a precious little guy! I am so thrilled to hear of all the latest great news and progress!!

  3. He is beautiful!! We are all thinking about you and sending positive energy!!! You have done fantastic job and are awesome parents. Lucas is a spitting image of his daddy!

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