Day 13 – PICC Line Removal

Another big day. This morning, Lucas passed his hearing test. The nurse told us the test could take 2 hours or more depending on if a baby is cranky or calm. Lucky for us, Lucas is a relaxed and happy baby. He completed the test in less than 3 minutes. In fact, we didn’t even realize the test was being performed. We thought the nurse would give us a heads up before it started. In the time it took me to take a few pictures, the test was done. Once again, he’s an A+ patient!

Lucas is handling the feedings extremely well. So, the doctors approved for him to eat as much as he wants. The normal recommended food dose is 45 cc’s every 3 hours. Lucas enjoys having 50 – 65 cc’s! Since his food intake and weight gain is holding strong, the doctors requested for his PICC line to be removed at 6pm. So exciting! We no longer have wires to avoid whenever we want to pick up or hold Lucas. We’re in heaven!


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