Day 16 – Going Big and Going Home

Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow Jill and I will sleep at home for the first time since the night of March 19th. But tomorrow night will have one big difference from that cool spring March evening so many weeks ago – tomorrow we’ll have our miracle baby by our side!

There are so many emotions to the entire thing, it’s really just difficult to put into words. I think if I had to pick only one word it might be terrified, but that sort of short-term feeling leaves so many of the other bigger emotions out. Thankful. Excited. Hopeful. Relieved. Blessed. Those are probably all better words.

Jill and I had a great night last night rooming in with Lucas and everything went well. All his feedings went great. This morning we had a feeding that didn’t go as well. The compromise is that the docs are sending Lucas home with a portable heart monitor. It will allow us to monitor his heart rate while he eats which will help us have the peace of mind that we aren’t missing his other cues. Tonight we are spending another night rooming in with Lucas at the NICU and practicing with the take-home monitor.

Tomorrow is going to be insane. It has been a long road, but we already know it was worth it. Other notes:

  • Lucas passed his car seat study. They put him in his car seat for 90 minutes while on the heart monitor to make sure his vitals stayed good. Lucas is barely big enough for his car seat. The buckles literally go from his crotch to his chin. It is both scary and super cute.
  • Lucas got a visit from the WNBA Phoenix Mercury players today complete with cameras and TV crews. Lucas really hammed it up for the ladies. I was impressed by his suave nature. The players said it looked like Lucas was going to be tall. Kind of strange to be on the receiving end of this type of charitable visit, but it was really really fun and definitely lifted our spirits.

The car seat is rated down to 5 lbs which just so happens to be Lucas’s weight. We had to put a towel between his legs to keep him from sliding down.


Burping the boy after a feeding. The steri strips over his surgical incision are also visible in this photo.

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