Glorious Poo

We never thought poo could be so exciting!!! This afternoon, Lucas had his 1st poo in more than 60 hours. This time around, the poo had no traces of blood. Phew! The doctor is confident the bleeding has stopped.

Today, Lucas met the goal of full feeds. I never doubted Lucas’s ability to eat. In fact, the NICU Nurse Manager mentioned she’s never seen a baby who loves to eat as much as Lucas. Ha!

Most exciting, they removed the feeding tube & IV. Awesome! Starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Looking back, we can see so many miraculous blessings that got us to this point.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Last week, our pediatrician noticed Lucas looked pale & his heart rate was elevated. So we ran a hemoglobin test to measure Lucas’s red blood count. The results came back as 7.8 which is very low for a 6 week old baby. On Friday, our pediatrician highly recommended we get a blood transfusion. After much consideration & prayer we decide to accept the recommendation and proceeded to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The transfusion was a success and his hemoglobin increased to 12.5 which was awesome!

Unfortunately, on Saturday, Lucas started to have more desats during feeds which means his percent of oxygen drops below 88. So the doctors decided to put in a feeding tube until they figured out the issue. Then, Lucas randomly started to desat for no reason at anytime. On Monday evening, he started to get blood in his stool. An x-ray showed the feeding tube, which was suppose to be placed into the stomach by a “specialist” had migrated into his intestine’s because the “specialist” (aka the person who made a major mistake & harmed Lucas) left too much slack in the line. Next, the doctors halted all food for 24 hours and pulled the feeding tube back up into his stomach. At this point, we started to feel like we were living in a nightmare! We could not believe how many steps backwards we were going. As of today, the doctors believe Lucas is allergic to milk/soy and when the feeding tube migrated into the intestine’s it caused an irritation and/or abrasion that caused Lucas to bleed. So we changed to an elemental formula which is thickened and slowly restarted feeds. As of right now, we are up to 40mls every 3 hours and will increase the amount by 10ml every 6 hours until we hit a total of 60mls. We even have a speech therapist helping us learn how to feed Lucas in the safest way to avoid a desat. Please keep us in your prayers that Lucas starts to master the art of sucking, swallowing, and breathing while feeding. Most importantly, we need the blood to cease.

I must admit, this stay at Phoenix Children’s Hospital seems much more worrisome & stressful than our time at St. Joseph’s Hospital. We came in thinking Lucas would be in for a blood transfusion and out within 12 hours. Instead, he snowballed into a complete mess. Many more tears have been shed during this stay. Praying to start to have confidence in PCH.

First Father’s Day

Lucas is blessed to have so many good men to look up to & learn from. Papa Lou (my daddy) and Papa Bob (Bryan’s dad) are both strong Christian men who are the most thoughtful and giving men I know. Bryan learned how to be such a wonderful father by following the examples that Bob gave him throughout his entire life. Lucas is destined to be a phenomenal man just like his father & grandfathers!

Happy 1 Month Birthday

Time is flying by. Today is Lucas’s 1 month birthday! Had he waited to be born on his original due date of June 24, he would still be in my tummy. Well, God & Lucas had a different plan. Even after all of the craziness, I wouldn’t change a thing. Lucas is perfect in every way!


The Mountains You Will Climb

A beautiful poem given to us in a NICU care package fromĀ Graham’s Foundation

The Mountains You Will Climb

You had a choice
And you took the road less traveled
Most get to stroll on the sidewalk
But you chose to take the gravel

You have your parent’s life force
Feel it growing inside you
It is with you for your journey
It is there to guide you

Oh the stories they will tell
Of the mountains that you climbed
And the hurdles that you leapt
The doubts you left behind

Don’t give up on hope
For that is when we perish
It is the miracle you are becoming
That we all will grow to cherish

For life is a risk worth taking
Though we are tested now and then
We thank you for this chance
We would do it all again

– by Nick of Graham’s Foundation

Swallow Test

Today, Lucas had a swallow test at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. During the test, he had 1 mini aspiration that did not get past his vocal cords. So they decided we can continue feeding Lucas via a bottle. So happy! If he would have had a more significant aspiration or more instances, there was a chance Lucas would have gone back to using a feeding tube.

Next, we are being scheduled for feeding consultations at PCH until Lucas learns how to suck, swallow, and breath. He loves food so much that he forgets to breath.This issue is due to Lucas being a preemie. It has nothing to do with the surgery. The surgery is still a big success.

On our way out of the hospital, Lucas was given an adorable & super soft teddy bear. So cute!


What time is it…

So when you wake up from a nap at 6 o’clock and you thinkĀ it is 6 in the morning and you ask your wife what she wants for breakfast, and she responds that she thinks you should figure out what you’re having for dinner first, and it takes you about two minutes to figure out that it is actually 6 in the evening… that is normal for a new parent, right?