Swallow Test

Today, Lucas had a swallow test at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. During the test, he had 1 mini aspiration that did not get past his vocal cords. So they decided we can continue feeding Lucas via a bottle. So happy! If he would have had a more significant aspiration or more instances, there was a chance Lucas would have gone back to using a feeding tube.

Next, we are being scheduled for feeding consultations at PCH until Lucas learns how to suck, swallow, and breath. He loves food so much that he forgets to breath.This issue is due to Lucas being a preemie. It has nothing to do with the surgery. The surgery is still a big success.

On our way out of the hospital, Lucas was given an adorable & super soft teddy bear. So cute!


2 thoughts on “Swallow Test

  1. Lucas – Congrats on the new bear. He looks like he would be fun to snuggle with. I’m making pot stickers tonight, text me or skype me if you are interested. I promise that I won’t forget the low sodium soy sauce this time.

  2. No real aspiration… you rock Lucas. The speech therapist in me is very proud of you. You know swallowing is my specialty. People tend to laugh when I tell them that, but you, you will understand the true meaning and importance of what I do some day:)

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