Home Sweet Home

On Sunday afternoon, Lucas was cleared to go home! The doctor said we can expect to have a dsat (when the oxygen level goes below 88%) every once in a while since Lucas may have a soft trachea (usually strengthens by 1 – 2 years old), the esophagus repair is still healing, and Lucas has not mastered the art of sucking, swallowing, & breathing during feeds.

To resolve the bleeding and possible milk allergy, we are now on an elemental formula called Neocate which is thought to be the “Cadillac” of formulas. Nothing but the best for Lucas!

While at the hospital, we had 5 meetings with speech therapists to gather valuable information on how to improve Lucas’s feeds. Prior to our stay at PCH, we had a dsat about every other feed. After therapy started, we’ve only had 2 dsats in over 6 days. Vast improvement! The most exciting news is that Lucas is starting pace himself during feeds. Until he becomes a pro at breathing while feeding, we must keep Lucas attached to an apnea monitor (shows his heart rate & breaths per minute) and an oximeter (shows the % of oxygen & heart rate). I have faith the day is coming soon when all of the monitors and wires will be gone!

“I’m a big boy who can hold my own binky at just 7 weeks old!”

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