Big Smiles

Lucas is constantly smiling back at us and looking around. His favorite thing to stare at is the ceiling fan. Numerous times a day, he likes to laugh and giggle at the fan. Ha! We love seeing Lucas’s big and happy smile! As Bryan says, “if cuteness could solve medical issues, then Lucas would be cured”. 🙂


One thought on “Big Smiles

  1. Lucas –

    Looks like you are already learning how to react to Daddy’s jokes….just laugh or he will keep repeating them in an effort to get a reaction out of you. Ask him to stick to the ones about chickens, the ones about C++ and Java often times fall short. You will learn more about your daddy’s humor as time goes on. Skype me tomorrow and we will do a little sushi and fishy salad later in the week.

    – Jenny

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