World Travelers

Every day, I am in awe at how many people are following the blog. Back in May, we started the blog to keep all of our loved ones and dear friends informed of Lucas’ battles and victories. By looking at the daily number of views for the blog, it is obvious that Lucas has an abundance of prayers coming his way. Thank you!

The blog site has a stats section which shows an overall count of every country where our blog has been viewed. Get ready to be impressed at how far away we have friends and how many of you are crazy world travelers (like we used to be…ha!). Below is the list of countries where the blog has been viewed. Amazing!

United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong

3 thoughts on “World Travelers

  1. Lucas –

    How did Mommy and Daddy find out that we were checking out the blog while on our elemental formula tasting tour in Ireland?? Interesting………………

    – Jenny

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