Post Surgery Update

Success! No leaks! Lucas went from 4mm to 7mm at the esophagus repair site. A normal esophagus should be at 12mm. So we will need more stretching surgeries in the future.

The doctors foresee Lucas should start drinking a higher volume again and not be in pain when he drinks. Over the last 2 weeks, whenever Lucas would drink he would cry after 45ml of formula because the formula was getting backed up in his esophagus due to the 4mm stricture.

The doctors decided we should stay over tonight to keep Lucas under observation since he is under 50 weeks gestational age. He is in a little pain. But that is expected.

We are feeling so blessed to have had a successful surgery! Thank you Lord!

One thought on “Post Surgery Update

  1. Lucas –

    Glad to hear you had the Eye of the Tiger today. I’ve called our yodeling instructor and told them that we would not be there for tomorrow’s lesson. If all goes well we will pick things up where we left of in a week or two.

    Keep it real,


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