Highs & Lows

Over the last week, we’ve had many highs and lows. The positives are a successful surgery (awesome!), Lucas progressed to drinking formula without thickener (big milestone), and we confirmed Lucas does not have any vocal chord damage (so happy!). We just started to feel like we were out of the woods and heading towards the light.

Unfortunately, we just received some bad news. Lucas’ newest hemoglobin results came back as 8.2. Over the last 3 weeks he went from 9.2 to 8.2. Not what we have been hoping for. Back in June when he was at 7.8, we had a blood transfusion which brought Lucas’ hemoglobin back up into the 12 range. Fast forward 2 months to today, and Lucas has lost 4 whole points. On Friday, we have an appointment with a hemoglobin doctor to figure out what is causing the constant hemoglobin decline. Most importantly, we need to create a game plan on how to resolve the issue. This time, we are extremely concerned for the unknown. Praying the issue is correctable.

2 thoughts on “Highs & Lows

  1. Could be from the recent surgery?? Either way all will come out fine. Looking forward to your next update. Love to you and Bryan both!!

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