Hematologist Update

Great news! All of Lucas’ numbers are up. The hemoglobin (red blood) count went from 8.1 to 10. The white blood cell count went from 3 to 6.1. The absolute neutrophil (infection fighting cells) went from .4 to .5. Even the doctor could not explain why Lucas had such a substantial increase in such a short amount of time. We know the prayers were heard & God is healing Lucas!

In addition, the GI doctor tested 2 stool samples. Both samples came back as having no blood in the stool. So they do not believe Lucas is bleeding internally. Such wonderful news!

The hematologist doctor believes the big dip is due to a few factors. #1 Lucas was a preemie so he was not born with the same amount of blood as a full term baby. #2 He lost blood during the esophagus surgery. #3 In June, he had blood in his stool when he was admitted to PCH. #4 He’s had many blood draws for tests which are constantly depleting his stock pile. The doctor believes Lucas will resolve the issue on his own in time. The doctor does not know how long it will take. But doctor is hopeful Lucas hit his lowest numbers last week and will continue to improve from there. We go back in 3 weeks to retest. The doctor wants to let Lucas build up his numbers on his own. So no additional medication will be added at this time. Lucas’ numbers are still low but showing great signs of improvement!

We are so grateful for all of the prayers! Yet again Jesus has shown his mighty healing power. This is proof that miracles do happen. We give all of the glory and praise to the Lord!

6 thoughts on “Hematologist Update

  1. We know that our prayers have been answered. The night before his appointment, our growth group gathered in a circle and Yemi took us to His throne. We truly felt His presence and felt the peace only He can bring. GOD IS GOOD and through this all we are learning to trust Him even more. Who else could have brought up Lucas’s blood counts but the healing touch of our Lord. What joy it gives us as grandparents to know that everyone who prays for Lucas is putting him in our Savoir’s hands. We know he still has issues, but we have the greatest physician of them all. We love you Bryan, Jill and Lucas.
    Papa and Nani

    • We know how awesome a prayer warrior Yemi is. So, we’re confident Jesus heard the prayer. A big THANK YOU to your growth group. Thanks for walking this path with us!

  2. God is full of mercy and grace as you have seen throughout this whole situation. What a privilege to be able to bring Lucas, Jill, and Bryan before our God Almighty. Lucas is truly in His hands and this we know: He is trustworthy and He loves little Lucas more than we can imagine!

    • Thanks for being there as a support person for Bob & Peggy. Just like us, we realize Bob & Peggy need friends to lean on during our more stressful days/weeks. Thanks for the prayers!

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