Pray for Kate

On Monday, I attended a REMIX event at Cornerstone church. The guest speaker was a mother named Holly who shared the heartfelt story of her gorgeous young daughter named Kate who is battling numerous cancerous brain tumors. I related so much to Kate’s story. Kate has been fighting cancer since 2009. Holly held nothing back. Including the fact that Kate’s current medical condition leaves her with a 3% chance of survival. Please keep Kate and her family in your prayers. Feel free to view Holly’s blog at The blog has been viewed over 15 million times!

Some of the take aways:
– I need to embrace Lucas’ story. No, this is not the path that I dreamed about for my child. But this is the path the Lord has given me.
– I cannot compare my difficult path to what appears to be easier paths that other mothers are experiencing. Being envious of others is not going to make our battle any easier. Lucas is a strong boy who needs to have a mother who is focused on getting him better, not on being jealous.
– Being a Christian does not mean the Lord will bless you with a perfect life and will answer all of your prayers. Rather, he promises to walk by your side through the storms to give you strength. Believe me, there have been times when I let my mind wonder and questioned why we are going through this battle. During those moments, I have to take a step back, refocus, and remember to put my faith in the Lord that his plan for our family is perfect in every way.
– Only the Lord understands why we are going through this and how the story will end. When I meet the Lord in heaven all will be revealed. So, I cannot waste precious time worrying about the possible outcomes. Instead, I need to live each day to the fullest by enjoying and appreciating Lucas! He is such a glorious blessing in our lives!!!
– Most importantly, celebrate every small victory! The battle will be long. So, we need to give thanks and praise to the Lord every time we make a positive step forward. Even the smallest step forward should be cherished!

2 thoughts on “Pray for Kate

  1. Amen—when things are going well we feel so personally empowered that we forget that we get our strength from the Lord. He strengthens us through our trials and blesses us with his Mercy.

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