Next Esophagus Dilation – October 8

Lucas’ next esophagus dilation surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, October 8 at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. In attendance will be Dr. Egan (our main surgeon), Dr. Graziano (2nd attending surgeon), and Dr. Schraff (Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor). We call Dr. Egan & Dr. Graziano our “A Team”! They are well known as being two of the top pediatric surgeons in AZ.

We will continue to have regular dilations throughout Lucas’ life. Currently, our goal is to get Lucas’ esophagus to 12 cm in diameter. Before the dilation in August, Lucas’ esophagus was at a 4 which is why Lucas was having such a difficult time drinking formula. After the surgery, he was at a 7. We expect Lucas’ esophagus to shrink slightly after each surgery. The goal is to consistently increase the esophagus diameter with each surgery.

During the next surgery, they will spread a topical drug (usually used on chemotherapy patients) on the repair site to help reduce shrinkage. We are still researching the topical drug to ensure it does not have any long term side effects. Dr. Egan stated there is nothing to worry about. But we are still a little hesitant about using this drug.

Thank you for keeping Lucas in your prayers that he has another successful surgery with no leaks or tears!

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