Blood Work Update

Lucas’ hemoglobin and white blood cell counts are stable with no noticeable increase/decrease. For now, as long as these numbers remain inside the normal baby range we’re happy. Even when they are on the low end, like they are now, we are pleased.

Lucas showed a big improvement on his absolute neutrophil count which is his infection fighting cells. This went from .5 to 1.4. It tripled! Now Lucas is .1 away from being in the low range for a baby. This means if Lucas were to get an infection, he may be able to fight it off. Lucas is getting strong just in time to fight off the flu season. We are ecstatic about the positive results!

Next, Dr. Shah (hematologist doctor) will speak with Dr. Egan (surgeon) to convey he is confident the blood work is strong enough for Lucas to proceed forward with the dilation on October 8. In the end, Dr. Egan will make the final decision to or not to continue forward with the next dilation. We’ll keep you posted once we receive the final feedback.

Lucas loves stomping his feet, bouncing, and laughing while in the jumper. In fact, this afternoon, Lucas had his 1st big boy laugh that lasted a significant amount of time. Both mommy and daddy witnessed this milestone. Such a joyful moment!


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