St. Joseph’s Hospital Friends

Tuesday was a fun packed day. We had an appointment with Dr. Jones who is Lucas’ pediatrician and my lactation specialist. Dr. Jones screamed with joy and hugged us when we told her Lucas is off of the thickener which means we can try to reintroduce breast milk into Lucas’ diet. Before we give breast milk another try, we first want the approval from our GI doctor which we are scheduled to see on next Tuesday. We are so close to the dream of giving Lucas breast milk again!

Since Dr. Jones’ office is at St. Joseph’s Hospital which is where I was on bed rest and delivered Lucas, we decided to take Lucas by our old stomping grounds just in case we could show him off to some of the doctors and nurses who helped with our situation. Wow did we hit the jackpot! We saw Dr. Chambliss (Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor) who managed my care during the 8 weeks of bed rest and she delivered Lucas. In fact, she is the head doctor for the entire Labor & Delivery department which includes the High Risk Unit. She is a genius! Plus, we saw many nurses from the High Risk Unit and NICU. While at the NICU, we saw Dr. Lilien who was the Neonatologist who managed Lucas’ care during our 2 weeks in the NICU. Also, we saw Dr. Gutierrez who is the head doctor for the NICU. Below is a picture of us with Andrea (NICU Nurse Manager) and Meredith (High Risk Unit Nurse Manager). Everyone was in awe of how much Lucas weighs, how much he looks like his daddy, and how often he smiles. Dr. Chambliss made a joke that she could clearly see Lucas is Bryan’s baby but by looking at Lucas you couldn’t tell he was my child. So funny! Dr. Lilien commented that Lucas looked very well feed which is extremely unusual for a baby with his medical condition. Normally these babies barely eat, have skiny legs, and are deemed failure to thrive. Once again, we are reminded of our many blessings!

Before heading home, we decided to go against doctor orders and have our first meal out together with Lucas. It was wonderful to enjoy a sushi lunch with Lucas sleeping next to us in the stroller. So many parents take moments like this for granted. Our next family meal out will have to wait until after the cold and flu season passes. Such a memorable moment that I will forever treasure!


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