Hands & Feet Grabbing

Lucas just started using his hands to grab on to his feet! Earlier this week, he started to put his hands together and play. Moments like these remind me that Lucas is quickly getting stronger and growing older. I know he’s only 4.5 months old (corrected age of 3 months old). But I feel like he’s changed so much in just a few months. Next, he’ll be crawling/walking and the old days of Lucas staying in one place will be gone. I totally agree with the famous line “they grow up so fast”.

It is amazing to see Lucas hitting each milestone on time. When I was on bed rest, my biggest concern was Lucas’ neurological development. Thank you Lord for protecting Lucas!

Originally, I laid Lucas down on the mat at the other end. He just scooted on his back and completely turned himself around to play with the bumble bee on the other end. Impressive!


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