No Breast Milk for Now

On Monday, we saw Dr. Schenkein (GI doctor). She believes Lucas does have a milk allergy. Until Lucas turns 1 years old, she wants us to avoid giving breast milk. Once he turns 1, then there is a test which can be run to confirm a milk allergy. The issue is I only produce half an ounce of breast milk a day. Where as Lucas drinks 23+ ounces a day. In order for Lucas to have my breast milk, I would need to cut out all dairy to only produce 1 bottle of breast milk every 4 days. Cutting out dairy is difficult especially for a milk and cheese lover like me! For now, I’m still pumping and freezing the milk. But I’m not going to stop consuming dairy. If I produced enough breast milk to truly feed Lucas then I would cut out milk right away.

Dr. Schenkein was thrilled to see Lucas weighed 15 lbs and 13 ounces! We mentioned that in order to hit the daily formula intake goal of at least 23+ ounces of formula day, we need to give 12+ bottles a day. A normal baby at this age only drinks 4 – 5 bottles a day. From 6am until 7pm, Lucas is hungry and wants food at the top of every hour. Since he has a stricture, he can only drink a small amount at a time. So he never feels full. Poor guy. We are all praying Tuesday’s surgery will expand the esophagus enough for Lucas to start drinking a considerable amount more at each feeding.

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