Different for Two Reasons

The world stops when you hand off your baby for surgery. For us, that happens at noon today. The main event that carries the most risk is the actual esophagus dilatation. We are praying that they are able to dilate the esophagus to a larger diameter than last time – as progress is always nice. If you’ve been following Lucas’ story, you know that the risks of the dilatation run the gamut and can be pretty extreme, but the most common issue is actually tearing or perforating the esophagus and causing a leak. We aren’t totally sure what would happen after an event like that and we hope to never find out.

The big news is that this time, Lucas’ surgery will be a bit different for two reasons.

First, Lucas will have a third surgeon today. The third surgeon is Lucas’ ENT, Dr Shraff. He will be doing a microlaryngscopy and bronchoscopy. As you may know, Lucas has a form of Tracheomalcia that is both inspiratory and expiatory. The tracheomalcia is the reason we put Lucas to sleep on his stomach and also the reason he is connected to a pulse oximeter. Today, we hope to get some answers about Lucas’ tracheomalacia and desperately want to hear Dr. Schraff tell us that he expects it to resolve on its own as Lucas gets older with no further action.

The second reason today will be a bit different is because Lucas’ surgical team has decided to use mitomycin on the inside of his esophagus immediately following the diliatation. Mitomycin is a chemotherapeutic agent that should help keep the scaring and the stricture from coming back as quickly. It’s scary stuff (or at least sounds it to us), and a relatively new process, but the results evidently have been very encouraging. I have intentionally decided not to Google mitomycin. When it comes to medical issues, Google can be downright evil.

So, today is another big day for our little man – another big step on his journey. We pray that Lucas makes good progress again today and that God guides the hands of Lucas’ surgeons like only He can.

Lucas loves his Bumbo chair.

Our smilely little Lucas loves his Bumbo seat

6 thoughts on “Different for Two Reasons

  1. Lucas –

    Smiles all around. Word on the street is that Mr. Squigglepants is like KC…Undefeated!!! Way to go little man, I will have to come over so that we can have another dance party. You know I’ve got the moves.

    – Jenny

  2. Dear Bryan and Jill,
    please know that just because we aren’t frequently commenting on your posts doesn’t mean we aren’t frequently thinking of you and Lucas:) Everyday, I say a little prayer for you. I know we aren’t seeing what goes on on a daily basis and I can only try to imagine how emotionally challenging your days must be. Still I want to remind you that from what you are describing in your posts, Lucas medical progress sounds absolutely amazing. I know you know this, but I just felt the need to emphasize it one more time. Sometimes I think it helps when other people point out to obvious:)


    • Yvonne – It is nice to be reminded that Lucas is making great progress. Sometimes we only remember our current battle and forget all of the amazing victories in the past. Thanks for the prayers!

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