Happy Baby

Since the last surgery, Lucas’ eating has really improved and consistently is the same total amount at the end of each day. We’re extremely pleased.

How can Lucas be so happy and smiley all of the time?!?! Truly blessed.


5 thoughts on “Happy Baby

  1. Lucas –

    Glad to know that your feedings are going well. Guess our lunch date at the Sushi Room is a go. Grab your bib and bring your appetite.

    – Jenny

  2. We know how Lucas can be so happy all the time, because he has been blessed to have parents like you two. Your love shows over and over with the care and patience you have given him since day one. Lots of love, Papa and Nani

  3. We know how Lucas can be so happy- he also has lots of grandparents, who love being with him . Just seeing him light up and smile makes life so stress-free!
    Love you lots and ALL that both of you Jill & Bryan do to make Lucas’s days such happy ones.
    Gigi and Papa Walter

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