Blood Work Update

Today’s hematologist appointment was filled with mainly good news. His WBC went from 5.6 to 7 (normal range is 6 – 14) His hemoglobin went from 10.4 to 12 (normal range is 10.5 – 14). This is the same hemoglobin number that we had after the blood transfusion in June. Except this time he achieved the big number all on his own! The doctor seemed a bit shocked of Lucas’ drastic improvement. Our doctor even joked that Lucas’ hemoglobin results were so high that he expected Lucas to donate some blood to share his hemoglobin rich blood with other babies who are in need. Funny!

The only issue left is his Absolute Neutrophils which on August 30 was at .5, on September 17 he went up to 1.4, and this time he is back down to .8. The normal range is 1.5 – 7. The doctor said it could mean he has a small virus/infection that he is fighting off or he recently had a vaccine shot and his body is noticing the vaccine. Thankfully we had a vaccine last week so we aren’t nervous about Lucas being sick. Most importantly the doctor is not concerned. Since his blood work is looking so good, we don’t need to return to the hematologist for another 3 – 4 months.

I took this adorable picture while we were waiting for the test results at Phoenix Children’s Clinic. I love my two handsome boys!

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