Dilation Success

Another successful dilation! Lucas’ esophagus was stretched from 8mm to 9mm. The extra special news is that Lucas had no issues this time around. So we got to go home rather than being forced to stay the night. It feels amazing to care for Lucas from the comforts of our own home.

The doctors and nurses were all amazed that Lucas was so happy and full of smiles even though he couldn’t have any formula for the last 4 hours before surgery. I love our happy boy!


6 thoughts on “Dilation Success

  1. Lucas –

    I hear you were a really big boy today. The word on the street is that you were all smiles and giving your mommy a workout when she carried you around in your little kangaroo pouch. Nani says you were bouncing around and kicking like a wild man, but your mommy was a superstar and kept you entertained. Tell your daddy that mommy needs a back rub, she deserves it. We will do a video chat via ipad soon.

    • So true. Once again, Lucas acted like a big boy! He has no idea that having a surgery every few weeks isn’t the norm for babies.

    • Thanks so much! We hope to stop by the Cafeteria on November 18 when Lucas has his next pediatrician appointment at St. Joseph’s Hospital. See you guys soon!

  2. Not only is he a big boy, but he is the happiest boy, and why should he be otherwise, with parents that take such good of care for him. Our prayers were once again answered and we were so happy that you all were able to go home. We can’t wait to get our hands on him and give him big hugs, kisses will come later and we have a lot stored up. We love you, Papa and Nani

    • Thank you for being by our side at the hospital during each dilation! We greatly appreciate the prayer you give before each surgery. We are so blessed to have both of you as our parents. We love you!

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