6 Month Birthday!

Half a year has gone by in Lucas’ life. So many moments are unforgettable. His 1st cry, open air pee, drinking from a bottle, breastfeeding, arrival home, holding his head up, smile, laugh, hug, kiss, roll over, sit up, and so many more amazing moments! Literally every day he does something that we will never forget. Even though we have gone through many difficult moments, all that matters is Lucas is happy & for the most part healthy. The Lord blessed us with the most perfect baby boy…Lucas – You brought an abundance of joy into our lives. Our hearts are overflowing with love for you!!!


2 thoughts on “6 Month Birthday!

  1. Lucas –

    It is hard to believe that you are six months old. I mean in baby years six months is like…….well……..super old. I agree with mommy, you are perfect, just like I said after the first time that I saw you. Who is that monkey in the picture with you? Zoe and I like monkeys, we even gave you a sock monkey last Christmas when you were still living in your mommy’s tummy house. I hear you are getting really funny and like to grab hair and not let go. You can play with my hair the next time you see me, it is long, and very entertaining.

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