Dilation Results

Lucas had another successful surgery! His esophagus was stretched from 9mm to 10mm. Dr. Egan said he probably could have stretched Lucas another 1mm. But he decided to be safe and not risk a leak. Dr. Egan said our comments before surgery were fresh on his mind. Before surgery we always remind Dr. Egan that “Lucas is our world and we’re placing our everything in your hands. Remember we’re fine with a small stretch of only 1mm at a time. Baby steps are good & safe.” Dr. Egan said the esophagus looks so good that he’s not sure if we’ll need another dilation for a while. Dr. Egan is checking with the head doctor of the GI department at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to get his thoughts. Then Dr. Egan will fill us in on the game plan.

Big exciting news! Lucas’ esophagus is now large enough the he can try level 1 solid foods!!! This is a huge step!!!

Pictures before surgery. We’re always happy and having fun.


Pictures after surgery. Pretty stressful.


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