1st Christmas Decorating Party

On last Saturday, we had a Christmas decorating event at the house. Bob (Papa), Peggy (Nani), and Lou (Papa) came over to offer some assistance. Papa Lou was constantly making hot chocolate to keep everyone in the Christmas mood. Bob (Papa) was a work horse who kept things moving along at a fast pace. Peggy (Nani) was lucky to have the fun duty of watching Lucas. Nani lovingly walked Lucas in the stroller forever. It is amazing how quickly our home became Christmas central with the many extra hands. We enjoyed the help so much that we decided this will be an annual Christmas tradition! Next year we will have even more help when Gayle (Gigi) and Walter are able to make it.

Of course, Lucas loved all of the attention and time with everyone! Lucas was all smiles.



2 thoughts on “1st Christmas Decorating Party

  1. Wonderful to see the whole gang at the Christmas gathering and especially wonderful that Lucas is doing so well. He truly is the world’s most beautiful baby boy. Our best wishes to you all for a merry and blessed Christmas. Tom and Pat Loughan

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