Fun Day with Nani & Papa

Today, Nani & Papa babysat Lucas while our nanny was on vacation. Let me tell you, Lucas had a blast! Nani feed Lucas level 1 baby food for the 1st time. She did a fantastic job! Also, Nani brought over a Santa beard to put on Lucas. As you will see below, Lucas was willing to play along with it for a few pictures. Eventually, you can see the immense unhappiness in his eyes. So funny!

Big thank you to Papa & Nani for taking down & packing away all of our Christmas decorations today. You guys did so well that we look forward to hiring you again next year. Ha!





3 thoughts on “Fun Day with Nani & Papa

  1. Our Prayers are with you tomorrow as your precious baby boy Lucas has surgery. We will reach Bob & Peggy tomorrow night.
    Blessings and Love to all.
    El & Kathryn Henry

    • Thank you so much! Bob & Peggy will be at the hospital with us. Such a great way to celebrate Bob’s 70th birthday. Ha.

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