New Battle – 2nd Stricture

The original stricture closed back down to 8mm since the last surgery 4 weeks ago. The surgeons stretched it to 11mm. Success! However, they found a 2nd stricture in his esophagus. The original stricture was created when surgeons connected Lucas’ esophagus to his stomach when he was just 24 hours old. The new stricture most likely was there at birth. We saw a little glimpse of the 2nd stricture on an ultra sound when Lucas was just 4 weeks old. However, the surgeons just now were able to get the original stricture larger enough that they could continue down the esophagus with their scope to actually see the new stricture from the inside to confirm it is indeed a 2nd stricture. It is 6mm wide and only a half an inch away from the stomach opening. The surgeons tried to dialate the area to no avail. This stricture is extremely firm. In the coming weeks we’ll have some more imaging done to figure out the new battle & create a game plan. The hypothesis is that the 2nd stricture has firmer tissue that is normally found in his trachea rather than what should normally be very thin tissue in the esophagus. In turn, Lucas has a section of his trachea which is extremely soft/thin in his trachea. Basically, they think the two tissues accidentally switched places while Lucas was being created in my stomach before he was born. So, he has tracheomalacia which is a soft floppy section in his trachea that makes his breathing loud. By 2 – 3 years old, Lucas’ body should grow enough and firm up his trachea enough that the tracheomalacia should resolve itself. The 1st & 2nd strictures will both need surgery to stabilize the issues.

For now, Lucas can continue eating formula and level 1 baby food. However, they don’t want Lucas to increase to a higher level of baby food until the 2nd stricture has been improved via surgery. Otherwise thicker or chunkier food could get stuck.

We are happy the new issue has been found so early in Lucas’ life (before he’s even 8 months old). At the same time, we are not excited for this new battle. We know the Lord will give us the strength we need to fight the battle. We’re just feeling so beat up already. Instead we need to focus on the blessings like the fact that Lucas is happy, handsome, and hitting all of his developmental milestones. We will make it through this storm! Hopefully we can fight the battle for Lucas and have most of his issues resolved by 2 years old so he never remembers the pain or lengthy amount of time in the hospital.

2 thoughts on “New Battle – 2nd Stricture

    • Thank you for the prayers. Also, thank you for the thoughtful Christmas presents! You guys are so kind. Lucas loves having us read the books to him. Thanks!

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