Developmental Milestones

We’re so proud of Lucas’ strong ability to hit developmental milestones. Below are some of his many accomplishments which are all before turning 8 months old.
– Sitting up.
– Scooting.
– Rocking back & forth while in the crawling position with his chest off the ground.
– Spinning around different directions while on his tummy.
– While using his arm muscles, able to move from sitting up to on his tummy.
– Rolls from back & forth from his tummy to backside.
– Plays “peak a boo” by putting a burp cloth or bath towel over his face & then lowers the item. This always brings a big grin to his face!
– Waves “bye bye”
– Rolls a ball.

Below is a link to an adorable video of Lucas rolling the ball. We all had fun!

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