GI & Hematologist Appointment Update

Our appointments started out with a bit of a downer. All of the 7 stool samples tested positive for blood. So, there has been blood in Lucas’ stool for at minimum 6 days. The more detailed stool sample results won’t be available until the end of the week and the virus test results won’t come in for a few weeks. She mentioned the blood could be from something big like an ulcer, polyp, or the esophagus repair site. Or it could be from something simple like a virus, infection, or bacteria. For now, she wasn’t willing to even guess. Once the first round of test results come in, then our GI doctor will create a game plan.

She was happy with Lucas’ weight gain. He’s in the 40% – 50% range for weight, height, & head circumference this is without having a correction for his birth prematurity. As normal, she commented on how Lucas is such a happy baby even when he’s having an issue. She said “you would never know he was sick by looking at him since he looks so great!”

The hematologist gave us good news that all of Lucas’ blood results were within the normal range. This is a 1st! Lucas should be able to handle a small amount of blood in his stool for another week without his blood results going down too much. If we hit 2 more weeks of blood in his stool, then he would recommend we re-complete the blood tests.

Feeling confused and scared. But hopeful Lucas will have some answers soon. Praying this is something small that could even fix itself. For now, we will continue to cherish and love Lucas! We will make sure every moment he is awake is filled with happiness.

2 thoughts on “GI & Hematologist Appointment Update

  1. Hang in there and thanks for the update!! 🙂 We’re sending prayers and lots of love! And maybe a few chocolate martinis!! ha

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