Surgery on Thursday

Tomorrow (Thursday), Lucas has a somewhat emergency surgery that was just scheduled this afternoon. Eager to get some answers about where the blood in Lucas’ stool is coming from. Feeling blessed to have two amazing surgeons who fit Lucas into their schedule. Of course, trying to push the fear out of my head.

4 thoughts on “Surgery on Thursday

  1. Dear Lucas –

    You are an awesome little dude. You have so many people out there that love you. Your awesome grandparents (Nani, Gigi, Papa Bob, Papa Lou, Papa Walter), your super attractive aunts (April and Jenny), your sports loving uncles (Craig & Dustin), and three energetic cousins (Logan, Ronan, and Zoe). Let’s not forget those two parents of yours. Your daddy and mommy are just the best, you are always first in their lives, they take such good care of you. I know that we will not all be there tomorrow for you at the hospital, but our hearts will be there no matter the distance. We love you squigglepants. We are so glad that you are part of our family. You were the perfect match for this crew.

  2. Father God…Lucas is blessed beyond our imaginations with the love and protection you pour over this little guy. We are comforted knowing you love him even more than his mom and dad. You love him more than we can dream or imagine. We know you have plans for him…for hope and a future. We thank you for surrounding him and his doctors today with legions of angels. We pray this in the name of Jesus!

    • Your prayer was beautiful! In fact, it brought happy tears to my eyes. The Lord has been so good to us. Thank you for the support.

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