Surgery Results

Once again, a successful surgery with no leaks! Since the last surgery 3 weeks ago, Lucas’ top section shrunk back down from 12mm to 9mm. Today, Dr. McOmber was able to stretch the section back to 12mm. The end goal is 15mm. For now, it looks like the top section wants to keep shrinking back down. But seems to always settle   around 9mm which is a good width around.

Dr. McOmber feels the top section is at a good size and feels the lower section now needs to be addressed by having Dr. Egan and Dr. Graziano perform the big surgery on the lower stricture. In the coming week(s), Dr. Egan & Dr. McOmber will create a game plan with a detailed timeline. We are excited & nervous about the upcoming big surgery. Dreading a long hospital stay of 2 – 4 weeks. Nervous about possible complications. At the same time, excited to have the big surgery behind us! This surgery will allow Lucas to eventually eat more solid foods and drink more formula at each sitting like a “normal” baby. For now, he can only have stage 1 solids to avoid getting food stuck in his lower stricture which is only 6mm. Whereas most other babies are already at stage 3 solids & even finger foods. Plus, he needs to eat every 2 hours because his esophagus quickly gets filled up with formula which makes him feel like he’s choking. Most normal babies eat every 5 hours.

We will continue to give up all of our worries to the Lord. May the Lord continue to give us all of the wisdom & strength we need to keep fighting Lucas’ battle.

One thought on “Surgery Results

  1. He is such a little fighter. His smile just takes over our hearts and melts them. We are so thankful for the Doctors he has. Also for his precious smile every time he goes into the surgery room, as if to tell us not to worry, I am in good hands. God has given us such a wonderful gift through our little Lucas. We love him soooooooooooooo much. Papa and Nani Cox

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