Nani’s Back Surgery

We realize this blog usually only has updates on Lucas. However, we always intended for the blog to be a way to share updates and stories about our entire family. We consider it fitting that our first non-Lucas post is to lift up & ask for prayers for Peggy (aka Nani). This morning, Peggy is undergoing a much needed back surgery which started at 7:30am. Please lift Peggy up in prayer! May the Lord guide the surgeon’s hands & mind to complete a perfect surgery which will take away all of Peggy’s pain.

2 thoughts on “Nani’s Back Surgery

  1. God bless her! Is she having Kyphoplasty? My dad might be having that procedure done soon. I hope Peggy has a pain-free birthday next month!

    • Thanks for the early birthday wish! So far she’s in a good amount of pain from the surgery. But we know in time the pain will become less & less.

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