Hard Day

The last 24 hours have been informative & frustrating. On Tuesday, Lucas’ pulmonary doctor randomly decided to perform a chest x-ray to ensure his airways looked clear & healthy. Much to everyone’s surprise the radiologist reviewed the x-ray and informed us that Lucas has small airway disease (ex. maybe he will grow into having asthma) and he has rickets which means he has a vitamin D/calcium deficiency. I have asthma so I wouldn’t be shocked if Lucas has the fairly popular airway disease. However rickets is very disturbing. This means Lucas’ bones are much more likely to fracture or break with just a small little fall. They believe his antacid medicine named Prevacid could be causing the vitamin D & calcium to not be absorbed. Acid reflux is a major issue for children with strictures. On Thursday, we are having blood work taken to determine his current levels of calcium, vitamin D, and many other items. On Friday we are stopping Prevacid cold turkey to see how Lucas’ body reacts. Now we are once again waiting for blood work to create the next steps in Lucas’ medical game plan. Feeling deflated & heartbroken.

Rickets can be reversed once Lucas’ calcium and vitamin D starts to be absorbed. In November, we had an x-ray taken which showed no issues. So it appears the rickets happened sometime over the last 4 months. At least we caught this quickly rather than have many months or years go by.

Our surgeons & doctors have heard of Prevacid causing rickets in random patients. But this is their first time seeing this happen in one of their patients. Good old Lucas is always keeping the doctors & us on our toes!

On the bright side, Lucas is crawling & constantly moving. He has no care in the world and doesn’t realize he is stressing out his parents.

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