Many New Firsts

On last Friday, March 21, Lucas said his 1st word which was…”Mama”! Then, on Saturday, March 22, when we were at Papa’s & Nani’s house he said “Mama” and “Dada”!!! Now he says “baba”, “bye bye”, “Mama”, & “Dada” whenever he is in a talkative mood. Of course, we don’t think he understands what he’s saying. But, we’re in heaven whenever we hear him yelling or saying words. As of this week, he now he has enough strength to transition from crawling to a sit up position. Plus, he understands the word “no”. Whenever we say ” no” he stops whatever he’s doing & turns around to look at us.

On Saturday, March 28, Lucas drank out of a sippy cup for the very 1st time. He did great! Due to Lucas’ esophagus issues, his doctors had us hold off until now to try a sippy cup. He quickly drank an ounce of water down. We’re starting out slow to ensure he doesn’t aspirate the water into his lungs. This is a concern due to his medical issues. Looking really good so far.

Every morning Lucas wakes up with a big smile. We are blessed to have such a happy baby. We always say Lucas looks even more happy & adorable with every passing morning. We love you so much!!!

Lucas’ favorite things to do are waving, playing chase after Dada/Mama/Skyler/nanny, having a book read to him, being held while someone walks around, standing up while holding on to a firm large object, and of course crawling everywhere (the faster the better).  He can play on his own but prefers to play with someone rather than himself. He is constantly moving and is unstoppable!





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