Huge Success

Lucas is comfortable and doing well post surgery. He is even already off supplemental oxygen. The procedure itself was a HUGE success! Today, the surgeon planned to inject steroids pre-dilatation into Lucas’ esophagus at the anastomotic site (the place where Lucas’ esophagus was reconnected) to try to keep it from restricturing. The totally awesome great wonderful exciting news is that the surgeon chose not to use the steroid because Lucas’ esophagus had not shrunk back down at all since his last procedure in February! Praise God! Moreover, the surgeon was able to dilate his esophagus from 12 mm to 14 mm – just 1 mm shy of our 15 mm goal.

Now that the upper stricture is in such good shape, our focus is on the lower congenital stricture which is still less than 6 mm. To correct the lower stricture, Lucas will likely need major surgery to remove that section of his esophagus, but that procedure is for another day. Today, we count our blessings and be thankful that we have such a talented GI surgeon right here in Phoenix.


2 thoughts on “Huge Success

  1. Such wonderful news! Lucas is getting so big, what a doll. I hold the three of you in my prayers.

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