Our Little Giggle Monster

For those of you who haven’t really had a chance to interact with Lucas, which is pretty much all of you since we keep him on lock down to avoid getting sick, we thought you might enjoy this video of him playing after bath time last night.

Through all the tears and worry, the one thing that always puts a smile back on our face is Lucas! We pray he never loses his happy go lucky spirit!

9 thoughts on “Our Little Giggle Monster

  1. Thank you for sharing this tender video of amazing love and joy you share for each other as a family! The storms may be raging all around but there are certainly moments like these when God’s amazing love and peace calms everything and we are left to experience what truly matters in this life! If I can help you out in any way I hope you will let me know! Marty (my husband) and I (Nancy) are friends of your mom and dad Brian. We used to live down the street from you when you lived on 16th Street.
    May you continue to be filled with God’s peace during this difficult time!

  2. I do not think I can say it better than Nancy. Enjoyed watching this video this morning.
    Such a joy and fun filled time for you all to share. Love.

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