Happy 6th Anniversary

So much has changed in the last 12 months. Last year, for our 5th anniversary, I was on bed rest at St. Joseph’s Hospital. The nurses were so kind to order us a small a cake to celebrate the special day (picture below). That was such a scary time. Numerous times a week and sometimes a day, Lucas’ vitals would crash and doctors/nurses would run into the room in hopes of moving me to a position that would improve Lucas’ stats and if that didn’t work within 3 minutes then they were prepared to quickly deliver Lucas. Bryan slept on a cot in my little hospital bedroom. While I spent 8 weeks on bed rest, there were only 3 times that Lucas was doing well enough in my tummy that I could leave my room for a ” wheel chair ride” privilege which normally lasted for 15 minutes. Wow! We never knew our own strength until we were dead center in the middle of the biggest fight of our lives which was to keep Lucas safely in my tummy until I hit 34 weeks gestation. So proud to say with the Lord’s strength we reached the goal!!!

Oh how times have changed! Fast forward 12 months to our 6th anniversary and our lives are completely different. We wake up each morning to see Lucas’ happy and smiling face! Though we still have issues to deal with for Lucas, we are fighting each battle together as a family. For the most part, our days are filled with pure joy.

Bryan – Over the last year, you have been my rock & voice during the many occasions when I had no strength left. You are the love of my life! The Lord created you with your detailed way of thinking to become Lucas’ father. I could not have prayed for a more perfect husband and father. You are the constant strength that keeps our family on a path that is filled with hope and happiness. Thank you for the abundance of time you spend on locating the best doctors and answers for Lucas. You deserve the husband/father of the year award!!!

5th Anniversary – April 26, 2013


Our board where we tracked our progress a few days later…


6th Anniversary (selfie) – April 26, 2014


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