Frustrated by C. Diff

We are becoming more and more frustrated about how long it is taking to get rid of the C. diff infection. C. diff is a bacterial infection which causes severe diarrhea and for Lucas losing some of the ability to absorb vitamins & nutrients in his formula which in turn is causing nutritional rickets (bone issue). It appears the C. diff infection most likely started in December. Fast forward 6 months and we are still fighting to get rid of C. diff. Daily, Lucas takes 4 doses of vencomycin (C. diff medicine), 3 doses of K-Phos (rickets medicine), 2 doses of Prevacid (acid reflux medicine), and 1 dose of Florastor (probiotics to fight off C. diff). I just want Lucas off of all the drugs & healthy again.

This morning, I started to feel like I’m letting Lucas down as a mother. I am suppose to protect him from harm and fix all of his issues to keep him healthy and happy. But no matter how many doctors we speak with, we can’t get the darn C. diff & rickets to go away. I’m so fearful these medical issues will cause Lucas to be shorter as an adult. This is the time when babies are suppose to grow. Since December, Lucas hasn’t shown any real growth in height or weight due to the rickets. He was in the 50% for height and now he is in the 17%. I would hand over every one of my possessions if it would mean a quick cure for Lucas.

On the bright side, before I got too down, I talked with Peggy (a.k.a. Nani) and she gave me a much needed pep talk. As Peggy said, I will not let the devil bring me down or feel like I am not doing enough. Lucas is on a long road to recovery and when I’m down I will go to my savior for support & strength. With the Lord all things are possible. I pray the Lord will help us cure Lucas and give us some positive test results to show us that we are moving forward towards eliminating all of Lucas’ medical issues. Amen.

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