Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Today, Lucas turned 1 years old. We never knew we could love someone so much! His blues eyes are the most amazing color in the world. His curly hair is getting a bit long but we aren’t ready to trim his hair and possibly lose the curls. He constantly smiles and laughs. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect baby boy!

Over the last 2 weeks, he’s started to talk more. Now he clearly says Dada, Mama, and dog. So he’s got the whole family. 🙂

Recently, Lucas does this adorable thing where while he is falling asleep on our chest his eyes will be shut and out of nowhere he gives an absolutely gorgeous big smile. We don’t know if he is just crazy content, comfortable, or feeling loved. Maybe he’s dreaming or chatting with the Lord. All we know is we love watching him fall asleep and his big smiles fill our hearts with joy!

On Saturday, we’re having a small birthday party with our family. We still need to avoid germs until the big surgery is completed. Next year, we will throw a big party and everyone will be invited.




4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Lucas,
    In one year you and your family have dealt and coped with more health issues than most deal with their entire lives and you (plural) have done it with unbelievable attitudes:) I admire your courage, dedication and (almost;) constant smiles. You are truly amazing people. I greatly look forward to seeing you Bryan and Jill again someday and meeting the great Lucas.

    Hugs and kisses from the Bolins

    • Lucas can’t wait to meet all of you! Once he’s better, maybe we can have his 1st international flight to whichever country you are living in at that time.

  2. Happy Birthday! I totally advocate for Lucas having long hair. It’s a good look for any guy. Just sayin’.

    • Michael – When Lucas’ hair is wet, it looks like he has a mullet. Ha! We probably need to schedule his 1st hair cut very soon.

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