Rickets Update

Today, we received good news from our endocrinologist. For the last 4 weeks, Lucas has been taking a medicine called K Phos three times a day with a really high dose. K Phos contains phosphate, potassium, and sodium. Three weeks ago, Lucas’ blood results showed a low phosphorus level of 2.6 where as the average range is 3.5 to 6.6. Today’s blood results showed the phosphorus level to be not just normal but slightly high at 7. Huge improvement! This should mean Lucas’ body is finally getting the phosphorus it needs to start repairing his bones and he could be on a path to resolving the rickets issue. We’re excited!

In another 2 weeks we will once again have blood and urine tests run. Praying we continue to see some positive improvements. We I understand the rickets could take a year or more to resolve. However, we are celebrating every positive sign.

8 thoughts on “Rickets Update

  1. Way to go Lucas. Soon you will be doing weight lifting with Gigi. We love you Lucas. And we love your parents too!
    Gigi & Papa Walter

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