3 Pokes

Today’s blood draw didn’t go as smooth as usual. The technicians failed at the first two attempts. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a rule of only 2 attempts per child per day. Since we need the blood & urine results by next Monday’s endocrinologist appointment, the technicians went to the doctor to request an approval to try a 3rd blood draw attempt. He said yes. This time, they put a hot pack near his veins for 5 minutes to get the blood pumping. Luckily, the 3rd poke worked. Phew.

Poor Lucas cried the entire time. It just breaks my heart to be the one who holds him firmly while the technicians attempt to find a vein. But I know we need the results to show an improvement with his rickets. For now, Lucas has a standing order for a urine test and blood draw every 3 weeks.

Lucas was so tired from the experience that he fells asleep in the car. Poor baby boy.

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