1 Year Ago

Exactly one year ago, on May 31, Lucas came home for the very 1st time from the NICU at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Lucas was so tiny, thin, & sleepy. He weighed under 6 lbs. The doctors told us to not let anyone near Lucas because he was still very weak & they didn’t want Lucas to get sick & then need to be readmitted back into the hospital.

Today, one year later, Lucas weighs 22 lbs and is such a strong boy. So, we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of Lucas coming home! Today, Lucas went with us for the 1st time ever to Bernard’s which is a restaurant at our gorgeous nearby Ocotillo Golf Course. We went around 2pm so the restaurant was empty. Lucas did great! While we waited for our food, I feed Lucas some apple sauce using his Cars themed baby spoon. Plus, he drank water out of my glass. He sat on my lap and enjoyed looking around. Around 7pm, we took Lucas for his 1st swim in our pool. He was in heaven! He loves being outside and he loves bath time. So swimming was a perfect combination of his favorite things!



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