Future Playmate

This afternoon, Bryan, Lucas, & I stopped over to see Sam & Mike Tucker’s new gorgeous home. While we were there, Lucas had a mini play date (less than 5 minutes) in the TV room with Liam (Sam & Mike’s 3 year old son). Liam showed off his Thomas the Train toy to Lucas. Can’t wait until all of the surgeries are done and Lucas can safely play with Liam for hours!



2 thoughts on “Future Playmate

  1. You have posted so much good news this weekend. I am so happy for your family. OMG that second picture of Lucas & Liam is priceless. The way Lucas is looking at Liam…. like a little brother looking up to a big brother…… Just adorable

    • Kelly – So happy to have people be a part of Lucas’ life through the blog. It is amazing how many people like you truly care about Lucas. You’re a dear friend!

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